March 17, 2008

My Kind of City

Besides a free place to stay, one reason I like having a sister who lives in the city is that she knows all of the good places to eat. In case I haven't mentioned this in a previous post, I like to eat.

Of course, we like the more well-known restaurants, too. We went to our usual breakfast destination, Ann Sather, for breakfast on Saturday morning and managed to hit the el while the parade was going on . . . thus avoiding most of the crowds that came down to see the river dyed green. I had a breakfast wrap (which was fantastic) but Karina got this amazing dish (and I can't remember the name of it). It was basically french toast made out of cinnamon rolls instead of bread slices, with a cream cheese filling.

Shockingly enough, even with the St. Patrick's Day crowds, we only waited an hour for a table at Giordanos. We usually just have it delivered to her apartment so we don't have to wait for a table. Eating there was a nice change.

For breakfast on Sunday morning we tried something new. Well, new for me. It's called Nookie's and it's my new favorite. It's in Lincoln Park and it was amazing. I was hoping they'd have a website, but they do not. You can see their regular menu here but I wish I had taken a picture of their seasonal special menu. I've never seen dishes like this before. Cocoa peanut french toast, plum pudding pancakes, lemon poppyseed pancakes . . . my mouth is watering just typing this. I had a spinach, cheddar and bacon omelette that was anything but ordinary. To top it all off, the service was great and the staff was super friendly!

Should I write restaurant reviews, or what?

We had a good time in Chicago and though Karina wasn't able to get to the library in time to check out free museum passes, we did find plenty to do. I'll write more later this week!


Smith Family Blog said...

Ohhhhh, Giordano's! I am so jealous! Our office is in Greek town (although I obviously don't get into the the office much anymore...), and there are some fantasitic restaurants there, as well. Ever eaten at Venus?

Sarah said...

I'm DROOLING! :) Why is EATING such a great source of entertainment and satisfaction?!?!

Phil said...

The Luke's only had 3/4 of as good of a time as they could've had.

I'm just sayin.