October 28, 2015

Where did I leave off?

This is the question that pops into my mind every time I stare at the blank screen, trying to figure out which part of my life to record right now. Where did I leave off? The boys are both in stages now where parenting becomes more private and less bloggy. Claire is the feistiest three-year-old I've ever met, and while I have lots of funny stories to tell about her, sometimes I feel like words just can't do her justice. And Hattie (HBE - Happiest Baby Ever) is one now, meaning happy and sweet is being gently nudged out by toddlerhood.  Sigh.

My blog has been neglected for many reasons. First and foremost: Four kids is a lot of kids. I know, I know . . . one child alone is hard, and anything past one child is just exponentially harder. Nothing was as hard for me as going from one child to two.  But right now, with all of the sports and back to school stuff, I just feel like I need more hours in the day, just to hand out enough attention.

Wait, what's that about back to school? We've been back to school for 2 months? All of the days just run together.

The really hard thing, though? I think it's having a one-year-old and a three-year-old at the same time.  No matter how many kids you have, that's a rough combination.  Not as rough as last year when I had an infant and a 2-year-old. Ugh. That was brutal. Come to think of it, I've never thrown a 2nd birthday party for one of my children and not been pregnant with the next. I'm sad to be leaving the baby stage, but I'm definitely looking forward to not starting everything over again in a year.

It's a lot of mouths to feed, too. Now that the boys are eating us out of house and home, and Hattie is eating table food, All of our recipes are being doubled . . . or worse? Just increased by one and a half.  That's a lot of mathing, you guys. Sometimes I just stare at recipes, wondering if we should just order pizza to keep my head from exploding.

So, life over here is good. Crazy, but good. I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's, that's for sure.  I mean . . . just look at them.