December 14, 2015


I've been working with college students long enough to know that the practice of "making a list of qualities you want I'm a potential spouse" is alive and well. But today, on our 13th wedding anniversary, I'm here to tell you that I have the answer for all of you list makers: Find someone who knows how to serve others really, really well. 

Find someone who is the best at putting others ahead of himself or herself. Maybe in another 13 years I'll be shaking my head at my naïveté, but in the last 13 years of being married and watching other marriages, everything else seems to fall into place when you're both about the business of putting the other's needs before your own. 

I didn't realize that this was THE thing when I married Kyle . . . I just got lucky. I've learned this from him. I feel incredibly fortunate to have him as a partner as we lead our family. 

We are writing the BEST story together.