March 8, 2008

Look, mom! No hands!

Moments before I grabbed my camera to snap this picture, Jack was standing at the window . . . with his hands folded. He wasn't holding on to anything. I was stunned for a moment and when I grabbed my camera, I startled him and he fell.

Someone once asked me how we got Jack to start crawling and standing. I told her that we do what the parents of every 9-month old do: Protein shake for breakfast, Power Bar for lunch, calisthenics every night before bed . . . . No? Really? Is that just us? I think the walking/crawling/motor development thing kind of ends up being like your ACT score was when you were in high school. It seemed like a big deal at the time, but no one really cares once you hit two or three years old. Though, I'm sure somewhere there's a 29-year-old out there telling all of his friends (who are simultaneously rolling their eyes) about getting a 34 on his ACT.

Jack had his 9-month check up on Thursday. I assumed that he would be 25 lbs by now because he was 24 lbs, 2 oz at a sick visit in January. And Jack does things like gain several pounds over the course of 1 1/2 months. But, he actually lost 2 ounces. No one seemed that concerned . . . because he's still a whopping 24 pounds! He did grow two inches over the last three months though. She also said that he should stop eating baby food and start eating off of our plates (with the exception of milk, eggs and peanut butter, of course). He can have whatever we're having for a meal. That's a lot of pressure to eat healthy. When the doctor felt around in his mouth she said that his one-year molars were about to come through. He only has TWO TEETH on the bottom and now he's getting molars? That can't be right . . .

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Xander said...

Once they start eating "table food" there is TONS of pressure to eat healthy yourself! I avoided it by feeding Alex a really healthy "table food" meal and then fixing whatever else for me and steve. :) Result? Alex only likes pure, healthy foods (veggies, cheese, fresh fruits, whole grains) and isn't to interested in the casseroles, etc. i make. Hope he doesn't want a separate menu forever (he still doesn't know about happy meals - don't tell him)