March 7, 2008

Google love

I heart google. If you've been reading this blog long enough, you already know that.

Did you know that googling "pregnancy cyberchondria" brings me up on the first search results page? It's true. Try it. I dare you.

I find it so amusing to look at my website tracking tools and see the things that people googled to end up on my site. For instance, back in December, googling the phrase "sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters" landed my blog on the first search page. For a while, searching for "biggest frog ever" brought a lot of people to this post. I've had three people search for my friend Kristi Kratzer and land on my page (and she's curious to know who it was). I think the most popular google search phrase that bring people to my blog are "how to mince garlic."

If you have a tracker, I'd love to hear some of the interesting (and even not-so-interesting) things people have googled that have brought them to your blog.


Phil said...

AWESOME! I love it! I googled 'Best Somerset Camp Staff of all time' and it brought me to your blog.

what tools do you use? My 'sitemeter' doesn't have that.

Kyle Luke said...

Oh yes it does . . . I'm looking at your sitemeter right now. Look at "referrals." If you click on the links that have "google" in them, it'll take you to the search that brought them to your site. For instance, someone googled "prayers myanmar" and found your site.

Kristi said...

Ai yi yi...if anyone admits to you that they searched for me...let me know...until then, I'll keep my bodyguards close by...uh..maybe I should get bodyguards first...Right.