March 26, 2008

The daily click!

I made the daily click at Shutter Sisters. Maybe some people do that all the time, but it's my first time. Yay for me. :)


Erin K. said...

Yay for you! [doing the happy dance] Out of curiosity, how many pictures do you take every day? Do you take your camera everywhere you go?

Enquiring minds want to know!! (Or, I'm just nosey. Take your pick.)

Kyle Luke said...

Hmmm . . . depends on the day. Some days I take literally hundreds of photos. On other days, I don't take any. I've always taken a lot of pictures . . . I don't know if you remember in college that I always had a camera in my back pack. It's just a lot cheaper now to take pictures of everything and then delete the bad ones. The picture I took that day was kind of a fluke. I dropped my Canon (whoops) and was testing it to make sure it still worked and saw my reflection in my sister's sunglasses and, well, the result is what you see.

We have a little point and shoot Olympus that is always in my purse (except for right now because Kyle dropped it last week and Best Buy had to send it out for service). And now I have a camera phone that can capture those "you won't believe this" moments.