March 1, 2008

Coupons you won't want to miss . . .

I went shopping today while Kyle was at small group. I've gotta stop doing that because grocery shopping takes about 1 hour longer than Kyle's small group does and he always ends up being the last one gone (sorry, Archers).

Anyway, I clipped coupons this week for things that I normally use. I don't usually do this, but I thought I'd give it a try and save a few bucks. I tried to match the coupons with items that were already on sale for maximum savings. I could write paragraphs on how much work it was and how difficult it was to manage a small child and coupons and a grocery list.

There two things that you might interest you:

1. I LOVE Sharpie markers. We all know that they're not cheap. This coupon allows you to buy a 12 pack of retractable Sharpies for $2 from Office Max. TWO! DOLLARS! The only catch is that it ends TODAY. Sorry I didn't let you know about it sooner. These packs of markers are regularly $22.99! There is a limit of two per coupon. There were only three packs at the Jackson Office Max, so I bought two and Kyle bought one. That's a savings of $66! So run out before the end of the day to get yours!

2. I don't know if you've tried Flat Earth chips, but I really like them. You can get a free bag here. Actually, you can print two coupons per computer. I used both of mine today and the bags are up in my pantry waiting for me to snack on them. That's a savings of $5.98.

When you total these savings, plus my savings with other coupons today, I saved $91. Not bad.


Sara Neufeld said...

I like your new blog header...very nice! Thanks for the coupon, I just printed out the flat earth chips...I LOVE those!! How did you find those coupons?

Kyle Luke said...

A lot of googling and blog-hopping! If I find more deals, I'll post them!