March 9, 2008

God's gracious gift

Jack was baptized today. I love infant dedications and baptisms at any church, but especially our church (I'm probably a little biased). I don't know if they do it anymore, but one thing that I loved when I attended the Greenville FMC was that they talked about what the child's name meant and how that might relate to their faith. "Jack" means "the Lord is gracious" or "God's gracious gift." His middle name, William, means "determined" or "resolute." We know that Jack is a gift to us, but our hope is that he will be a gift to everyone who encounters him. We pray that he will have a love for God that surpasses anything else in his life, that his faith will be steadfast and that he will be share that love freely.

As Pastor Mark was praying, my thoughts kept coming back to the idea of stewardship and how it relates to parenting. We have been given the tremendous responsibility of raising this sweet boy. He ultimately belongs to God and we have been entrusted with him for a relatively short period of time. What an honor! We went through so much to have this kid and we feel incredibly blessed.

Unfortunately, I don't have a single decent picture of it and the video was a little blocked. Jack fell asleep on our way home from church, so we didn't get a chance to take a family picture until after I had been finished getting dinner ready for 15 people (hence the greasy, disheveled hair). It was a great day and it was good to have our family all together!


Crystal said...

It is a beautiful photo Sara!!! I agree with is such an honor to be allowed the privilege of raising one of Gods children...I am daily baffled by it. :)

Dawn said...

God is GOOD, ALL the time. Our baptism was wonderful as well. We were able to show the video of Brady's first year of life (short version). It turned out beautiful! Our son's are gifts from GOD. I am thankful to have this opportunity to raise our children. Check out some of Brady's pictures at, March 11, post. She is our photographer.