March 24, 2008

Walk this way

On Sunday, we went to my parents' church. A few people asked if Jack was walking and I said, "Well, he's taken a few steps, but he's not quite walking yet." I kind of feel like Jack must have looked at me at that moment and thought to himself, "Challenge accepted."

All day at my parents, he'd cruise around and then take a few steps to anyone who had their hands out. My sister and brother made a game out of dangling Gerber puffs in front of him and making him walk for them. They referred to the puffs as treats and I had to remind them repeatedly that MY SON IS NOT A DOG.

He will stand on his own without any trouble at all and will even bend down to pick things up while he's standing. Today, he started getting more adventurous and he'll now try and walk to things without anyone there to coax him. He inevitably falls after 5 or 6 steps (max) and crawls the rest of the way, but it's amazing to think that he'll have the hang of it in no time.

We didn't get up with enough time to give jack his basket before we left for church so we just brought it to my parents' house for him to look through. He was actually a lot more interested in it than I thought he would be. And after the gifts were out, he tried to take the shreds of paper out of the basket one at a time.

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