March 5, 2008

I shouldn't be allowed to have nice things.

So, do you remember my new phone that I got about 2 weeks ago? When I got out of the car to switch drivers while we were driving through a blizzard tonight, I'm pretty sure it fell out. Which means it's laying in the middle of the road at an exit between Lansing and Jackson.

And now I can't sleep because I'm so stressed about it.


I actually have some really good things to say about the conference I was at today, but they're all being overshadowed by this really expensive phone that I lost. I'm still holding out a smidgen of hope that it's tucked away somewhere in the van, but I looked EVERYWHERE and it goes to voicemail immediately when I call it.

It doesn't look good.


Unknown said...

Oh bummer. :( I hope it's in your car!!

This may make you feel better or just laugh, but last summer after a 6 hour road trip (with the boys) home from Dallas, we ran out of gas pulling into a town 30 minutes from home. As AJ got out and was PUSHING the SUV down the road, towards the gas station, his brand new phone dropped out onto the road. I then, proceeded to run over the phone. It was awesome.

Phil said...

I've had about 2-3 times, where I thought I've done the same thing, and each time I've gotten lucky, that it's fallen between the seat and the door...or just behind the seat. DIG. DIG WELL!

Good luck.

And otherwise, I think you should just consider the Pay It Forward philosophy.

Of course, I don't really know how that gave someone a phone that they couldn't afford to get themselves...or couldn't afford to run-over?

Maybe that doesn't help. I think I should stop now.