March 14, 2008


Bloggers all over the world wide web are talking about spring and how lovely it is. Around this time last year, Pastor Mark said something in church that made me laugh. He said that you never hear about anyone complaining about spring . . . no one ever complains that it's just like last year's spring. He's right. You never hear anyone saything things like, "I'm totally bummed that spring is happening again this year."

And honestly, in Michigan it's not really that pretty outside. It's warmer than it has been but I don't think you can quite call the temperature "warm." But you can sense that new life is right around the corner. There's just something in the air.

If I were forced to complain about spring (which I would never do) I would whine about all of the mud at camp. Here's the view from the steps of my office:

Here's what everything else looks like:

In other news, the rough draft of my thesis has been turned in. So I have at least two days until I get the inevitable e-mail telling me how incomplete my research is and how much more I need to expound upon. I'll be tempted to reply and ask, "How much more do I need to get a "C?" I have A's in all of my classes. I'm not planning on getting my Ph.D. (anymore). I just want to graduate.

Kyle made baseball cuts this week and that always stresses him out. We both had to call people to let them know that they did or did not have a job at camp for the summer. Rejecting people isn't all that great either.

In an effort to loosen all of the knots that have formed in my stomach over the last few weeks, we just decided that we're going to get away this weekend to see my sister in Chicago. Did you know that Chicago residents can check out passes to the museums from city libraries for free with their library card? What a fantastic perk of having a sister who lives in Chicago! Plus, the Lincoln Park zoo is great and is also free. It's only supposed to be in the 40s, but I'm praying that we'll end up surprised by slightly warmer weather.

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Erin K. said...

Congrats on turning in your rough draft!! You are one step closer, so that is definitely cause for celebration. :-)

And I must admit that I'm jealous - I love Chicago and it's been a while since I've been there. I hope you have a GREAT time and may the temperature be warmer than predicted!!