March 11, 2008

The newest character on Heroes?

Phil just posted something about this news story on his blog. It's about a boy who has some sort of body chemistry that causes computers and other electronics to crash. How annoying would that be? He could be a character from Heroes.

Anyway, it got me thinking . . .

What if I couldn't use a computer? What if I had no access to the Internet or e-mail? My life would be completely different if I could never use any sort of word processing or design software. I wonder how long I could go? My job at camp would not only be twice as hard . . . I couldn't do any of the marketing functions of my job. No brochures, no schedules, no web site. Nothing.

Did any of you have AOL back in the early days of the Internet? I am responsible for introducing my family to the World Wide Web back in junior high. I had to explain to my mom why the phone line would be tied up when I was using the computer. She didn't get the connection (pardon the pun). When they agreed to let me install the free AOL disk that came in the mail, I had to promise to keep very careful track of how long I had been online so I wouldn't go over the 10 free hours that came as a part of the trial. I honestly loved hearing the guy say, "you've got mail" when I signed on. It didn't happen that often, because I knew maybe two other people who had e-mail at that time. Shoot, I remember the first time I had ever heard of e-mail in Social studies class in elementary school. Have I made myself sound sufficiently old yet?

With the exception of job or school related functions, how long could you go without the Internet? How about e-mail? I'm not sure I'd make it.

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