March 5, 2008

It's baaaack.

Not as good as the previous deal, but still not bad.

A 12 pack of retractable sharpies for $5! Get the coupon here.


Crystal said...

bummer...I printed out my coupons because I was sure that we had an office max...we do not! :( Drats...I LOVE sharpies! Thanks for the link anywho! Sorry about your phone...I hope it turns up. :)

rachel said...

i will definitely be utilizing this coupon - thank you!!

also, thanks for the recipe for homemade kettle corn - i hate the pre-made stuff they sell in stores, but i've always loved the kind they sell at fairs. using the recipe you provided, i made some with brown sugar & some with granulated sugar - i actually think i like the gran, sugar better. just fyi, in case you haven't trid it yet. :)

hope your phone shows up unharmed! :(

Erin K. said...

Thanks for sharing this!! I stopped by office max over my lunch hour and picked up a pack. Woohoo!

The Giffen Family said...

Yes we have a blog - I'm a bit addicted to yours! 1] it's awesome to watch Jack grow, because he is just enough older than Will that we get to see what to look forward too (plus he is adorable!!), 2] Your posts are always interesting - possibly because I think we think a lot alike! 3] I'm becoming more sure on a daily basis that we are alike -- I love sharpies (infact Jan & Dustin bought 3 packs for me when I graduated from college) I think we could be soulmates! :) Thanks for stopping by - I'll check about the backpack