September 22, 2009

Nine days past . . .

Is it funny to anyone else that I'm NINE DAYS PAST DUE? I woke up laughing about it this morning. I'm having a much better day today than I did on Sunday and Monday! I slept REALLY well last night. From 11:30ish until 6:30ish and I only remember waking up twice, but I was able to fall back to sleep right away. Thanks for everyone's encouragement yesterday. It's much appreciated.

A little bit earlier today, I started having pains and thought that it might be time. But it wasn't.

We celebrated summer birthdays with Kyle's family over the weekend and I asked for gift cards and gift certificates to restaurants that I could use after the baby's born so that I don't have to cook. BEST. IDEA. EVER. It's difficult, though, to not want to use one of them tonight. For some reason, I thought we had dinner at camp every night this week, but tonight's the only night we don't. Oh well. I can live through one night of cooking at home. Maybe. Or maybe we'll go to the Beach Bar. I asked Jack what he wants for dinner and he replied, "pumpkins." Which is different than his usual response of "Peanut butter & jelly and french fries."

By the way, a couple of my cards will be featured on for a couple of days. I happened to find a couple of fun things on there for the baby, too!


Sarah said...

Sara I love, love, love your cards.

So sorry that you are having to wait extra days to meet your new baby. I hope all goes well. I look forward to seeing pictures.

the other Sarah

Anonymous said...

i, too, love your cool that you're "featured" somewhere!

maybe it'll be tomorrow... :) i can't wait to hear what his name is!