September 18, 2009

More Cliff's Notes

1. Sam and Julie went to Chicago last weekend and I left a comment on Julie's facebook status about wishing I could go because I was craving Garrett's cheese popcorn. And guess what they brought back for me! I'm not sure I can begin to explain how happy that bag of popcorn made me. My fingers are still stained yellow from all the cheesey goodness . . .

2. I've alluded to my iphone, but I haven't really stated that I did, in fact, get an iphone. Poor Kyle can't get one until mid-October. I think it's killing him. I remember when they were released a few weeks after Jack was born and I sat nursing him while watching the Today Show hosts talk about them on the news. I wanted one so bad but they were $599 at the time and I figured I would never have one. While I'm thrilled with the phone, our experience at the Apple store left much to be desired. The associate we finally met with was great, but everything and everyone leading up to that was chaos and just plain old BAD. I intend to write a letter . . .

Also, I should note that for the last week or so, I've felt a tad over connected. I answer e-mail immediately. I check facebook and twitter more than anyone should. I need to set some limits.

3. I've had more caffeine during this pregnancy than I did with Jack. I feel a little guilty about that. If this child has any problems, I will likely blame the Coca Cola Corporation and the addictive ingredients that I'm sure they add to their products.

4. Last week alone, I did 4 announcements for babies with our baby's name. Up until this week, I had only done 3 ever. So far, two people have guessed his name correctly (much to my SHOCK), but only one of them knows that she did and it's only because she caught me SO off guard.

5. At this point when I was pregnant with Jack, I'd had his birth announcement designed for weeks (little did I know where that would land me, two years later), I had all of the envelopes address, stamped and ready to be stuffed and sent. They were sent out about less than a week after we got home from the hospital. I haven't even started this baby's announcement. But I can guarantee that it will be better than Jack's. I've improved quite a bit since then.

6. If you've been looking at my holiday designs, you'll notice that there aren't many new ones. Most of them are from last year. I'm working on it. Stop pressuring me.

7. I'm working on processing my last two photo sessions I took before the baby comes. Processing photos takes SO. MUCH. TIME.

8. I mentioned that I haven't been sleeping well . . . which stinks, but does lead to increased productivity. My work day starts about about 4 AM. A couple of days ago, I heard Jack crying at about 6:30, so I went in, changed his diaper, and cuddled for a little while. I kept waking up and wondering what time it was, but figured Kyle would let me know when we needed to be up. Bad assumption. I finally climbed out of Jack's bed and went back to our room and the clock said 8:19. Kelsey was supposed to get there at 8:30. YIKES. Needless to say, it was a rushed morning.

9. A frequently asked question is, "Have you tried potty training Jack yet?" The answer is, "Well, no, kind of, a little, maybe?" He sits on the potty sometimes. He tells us he has to go sometimes. He won't go unless he has a diaper on or he's sitting on the potty. But we haven't really pushed it. LOTS of people have told us that it would be so nice to have him potty trained before the baby comes, but I just don't see it. It seems way easier to change a diaper than it does to stop what I'm doing to take him to the bathroom. I realize as I type this that it probably says more about me and my desire for convenience, but I don't care. Erin calmed any pressure I was feeling when she commented a few weeks ago and reminded me that EVERYONE has to be ready for something like this. Just because Jack might be, doesn't mean it's the best time. He'll let us know if he's REALLY ready and I'm sure that once the baby's here and we get settled in, we'll find a time to start when we can all feel comfortable about. We have started using cloth diapers with him (with the exception of the nursery and when the babysitter's here) and we're liking them for the most part. I'll write more on that another time.

10. I did the baby center height predictor thing tonight . . . where you put in your child's stats, the parents' stats and they predict how tall your child will be. The results are below. Yikes . . . can I still call him my little boy?


Heather S. said...

I can't wait to find out the name you chose for the baby!!!!

When I did the height predictor for Norah a couple of years ago, it said she was going to be around 4 ft 8 inches. I know she gets it from me, but I am hoping, for her sake, that she isn't quite THAT short.

Sarah said...

Okay, AFTER my first trimester (when I was too nauseous to tolerate it), I drank probably one cup (8 oz)of caffeinated coffee almost every day. I was assured by a couple physicians, my father in particular, that 2 cups a day is totally safe and will have "no effect" on baby. I just couldn't "get going" for my kids without it. Now....I'm pretty much on decaf only. We'll see what happens though when I go back to work!! Anyway, so far, Ezra seems normal and didn't have caffeine withdrawal when he was born either! :)

Potty Training: These days I hear of a lot of boys doing it earlier, but it seems "expert" opinions say that boys really are not even ready (developmentally) for potty training until 3 or close to. My personal thought is that I'll try to train Ezra the summer that he turns 3, since I'll be home with him he'll be 2yrs & 10 mos when I start. Who knows....that could change, but I have no plans to attempt it sooner unless he gives me that signal that he's "ready" before then.

Height: We are on opposite spectrums. When I did the height predictor...Ezra is predicted to be 5'7 or 5'8??