September 2, 2009

False alarm

So yesterday morning, I thought it was THE day. I woke up throughout the night, but never enough to actually get out of bed. When I finally did at about 6:45, I sat up and noticed my pants were wet. And as I stood up, there was a small gush of fluid that lasted until I made it to the bathroom.

Of course, I knew my water had broken.

I told Kyle to start packing up and I did the thing that any of you would have done in my situation . . . I threw some eyebrow wax in the microwave in order to wax my overgrown eyebrows that I've been putting off for weeks. I couldn't do anything about the zits on my chin, or the lack of a manicure, but if I was going to be photographed lots for the next two or three days, I was going to have well-groomed eyebrows. I then proceeded to accidentally wax off half of my left eyebrow. Just lovely.

We decided we were going to just wait until our babysitter got here at 9 AM and took our time packing stuff up. We seriously had nothing packed or even put together. At all. I wasn't completely sure my water had broken because I realized I hadn't been up once all night to use the bathroom. I'd say I was about 75% sure, though.

Ok, I'm realizing as I type this that in order to publish it I'm going to have to publicly admit that I just wet my pants. Because that's what happened

I got to triage and the midwife confirmed that my water had not broken. I was just incontinent. Which was mildly embarrassing. THough my mom freaked me out a little, because when her water broke with my brother they didn't see any ferning at first, either. So I can't get that out of my mind.

But that was our false alarm day. I asked the midwife how to know the difference . . . what if this happened again? She said I can't really know for sure, so if it happens again, I'll have to just come in and be checked. Ugh.

If nothing else, this lit a fire under us to get stuff done! I spent our drive to the hospital making a mental list of everything I wish I would have had time to get done and now I'm trying to do everything on that list!


Anonymous said...

Oh Sara, I hope I'm laughing with you...I am cracking up that you waxed your eyebrows before leaving!! (This from someone who put on a full face of makeup before delivering my last two children)

I'll be so excited to hear the news that he's finally here!

Emily said...

My eyebrows were so bad when I went into labor with Jack. And I don't wax my own, or I TOTALLY would have done the same thing.

ann said...

I can't bring myself to wax my own eyebrows. I have to have it done by someone else -- and soon.

Heather S. said...

I, too, am cracking up at you!! You should totally post a picture of the eyebrow!!

I'm excited to hear all about your delivery - when it actually happens!! I can't wait to hear his name!!!

Kyle Luke said...

I can't tell you how grateful I am that everyone's focusing on the "waxing your eyebrows" part of the story, rather than the "wetting the bed" part. :)

Jeanette said...

Dang...I was going to leave a comment asking who changed the bed? I guess I just did. But I laughed quite heartily at the waxing eyebrow thing...I read it twice to make sure that's what you wrote. You're hilarious.

Sarah said...

Um, well, not to be totally gross, but when my water DID break at home, (and it did "gush"), but it didn't stop at the just one gush. Every several minutes or so, MORE would kind of gush/fall the point that I definitely was having to wear some "protection" if you will :) And then it became not just clear like it had been at first, it ooooh, tmi for the comment section. Use your imagination though.

And btw, I'm a plucker, not a waxer, but I've never been happier that I chose THE DAY that I went into labor to be the first day in a month that I actually blow-dryed and straightened my hair, PLUS had on FULL make-up, and freshly shaved legs. Lucky me! By the end of the whole saga though, my hair was one big wet curly mess, and the only remnants of make-up were the streaks of my eyeliner half-way down my face!! (I have the pics to prove it...this is why i've never posted the after pics of ME)

Anonymous said...

Okay -- to make you feel better. I'm not pregnant and I totally wet the bed a few months ago. Turns out I had a UTI (never had one before) so I, too, had a good reason. But it DOES happen to other people!

And my hubby? Just thought it was hilarious. Glad he's not a jerk because I was absolutely mortified.