August 31, 2009

She went to live on a farm . . .

Did you ever see the episode of Friends, where Monica and Ross were reminiscing about their dog and Ross was talking about their dog being taken away to "live on a farm" when they were young? And he was saying that it's so crazy that it actually happened, and as he was talking he realization that he had not, in fact, gone to live on a farm? I guess you had to see it . . .

Well, our dog did actually go to live on a farm. The family who adopted Murphy was fantastic. They have two older kids and live on a farm with lots of space for her to run. Their 14-year-old dog passed away about two months ago and they were ready for a new one. They reassured me over and over that Murphy would be well cared for and loved. They have lots of open space for her to play. They even offered to bring meet up for a visit sometimes when they come to her mom's house in Jackson!

They also mentioned that they had two cats. YIKES! Up until yesterday, Murphy's only experience with cats was barking wildly at them when they'd come into our back yard. But the e-mail we received from the family last night said that she completely ignores them! How crazy is that? In the e-mail, the mom said the only problem they're having is the kids arguing over who gets to do what with her. I'm positive that Murphy's LOVING the attention.

The fact that the family was awesome didn't make it any easier, though. I couldn't keep my composure the entire time we packed her up. One of the hardest parts was taking down the bell that she rang when she needed to go out. It had been up there for four years!

The actual "goodbyes" were difficult and the last day and a half has been so much harder than I expected. We met the family at camp. They were running late, so we had 20 - 30 minutes to just play with Murphy and for Jack to say goodbye. All day he kept grabbing her face and saying, "Goodbye, Murphy!" but I'm not sure he grasped what was going on. When the family arrived, we sent Jack with Kyle's mom to make it a little less traumatic. I secretly wished I could have gone too. Let's just say my sunglasses didn't leave my face the entire time.

We were more than comfortable with the family and the kids were beyond excited to meet Murphy. We chatted with them for a while, made the exchange and watched them pull away. My heart still hurts just thinking about it. She's their dog now.

Jack doesn't totally get it. We put a basket of blankets where her crate used to be so it wouldn't look so empty, and first thing this morning, he moved it out of there and said, "That's Murphy's spot!" When we left this morning, we heard a neighborhood dog barking and Jack said, "I hear Murphy! She comes home!"

IT'S JUST A DOG! I know, I know. I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones or what, but I had NO IDEA that it would be this difficult. I've questioned a thousand times whether or not this was the right thing and Kyle always assures me that it's best for her and for us. But every time I've left my office today, I've called her to come with me. I didn't realize how lonely it would be during Jack's naptime without her sitting at my feet. Once, when she didn't come, I even leaned over the couch to see if she was there before I caught myself. When I got home from camp today, I walked over to where her crate used to be and realized I didn't have anyone to let out.

But it's done. She's moved on. And starting now, I'm moving on. But before I do . . . here are some pictures from our last day. And if you're making fun of me in your head for being so overdramatic, that's ok. I'd probably be making fun of myself, too, if I were in your shoes.


Alison said...

Just so you know... I think your feelins are very sweet, very real, very valid! And nine months ago I would not have understood that! We got our first puppy (we've been married for 21 years) last December and she has changed my life!!! I TOTALLY get what you are saying!

The flip side to your grief is that Murphy is probably having the time of her little life!!! (I think I remember reading she is a girl...)

Hard decision but clearly the right one. Hang in there!!

Melissa Hoffman said...

That is sooo sad! I feel so bad for you. But to be honest I really think you guys did the right thing. I can't imagine trying to take care of one more thing in your busy schedule and it's not like Murphy made it really easy. She deliberately peed on the floor when she didn't get enough attention ha!

The nice thing is that all you can think about right now are all the good qualities Murphy brought into your lives and thats the best way to remember her.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even an animal lover and this made me sad, so I don't think it's your hormones, Sara!

And I DO remember that episode of friends...

Jeanette said...

Ahhh ChiChi. I'm sad for you. If it's pregnancy hormones, then why did I cry while reading your post? Mine could be lack of sleep...but I think it's just b/c Murphy was such a big part of your's hard.

Melanie Eccles said...

poor Ross.

But I'm so happy for the wonderful family that has taken Murphy. I know my mom and dad would be just as heartbroken if they had to get rid of their Bichon, Cooper. He's like another child to them I think --my replacement really. :)