August 19, 2009

Time out chair

Our time out chair always sits in the hallway between the bathroom and Jack's new room. When it wasn't being used, it was folded up against the wall and would constantly tip over and crash against the wall leaving marks and startling us.

So, we decided to put up a hook and hang it in the hallway. I cut vinyl wall words to go above it. I might re-do those in a different font someday, but for now it will do.

Chair: IKEA, $15.00
Hook: Target, $3 for 2
Vynil Wall words: Made them myself with stuff I already had


Crystal said...

VERY cute!

The Giffen Family said...

LOVE IT! Can we please live closer to one another? Oh the fun we could have making discipline cute ;)

Sarah said...

I'm impressed. Looks like decor to me! super cute!

Anonymous said...