August 25, 2009

I had nothing to do with it . . .

Over the weekend, Jack took a tumble that left a few pretty big marks and one large, green bruise. He flipped backward off of a picnic table at our local ice cream place when he was there with Kyle and he was still crying when they got home.

Of course, when people ask him what happened to his head, how do you think he responds? He tells them that Mama hit him with hammer. Nice.


Xander said...

oh ow. i don't think i'd post that one.

Minnie said...

Thanks for posting that. I have a friend whose little boy ran into the coffee table the other day and has two black eyes.
I tried to assure her that IT HAPPENS and she's scared to death to take him to the grocery store.
Hope he's okay.

PS- please stop hitting him with a hammer. LOL.