August 24, 2009

What a hitter!

If you've seen A League of Their Own, you'll probably remember the scene when they showed the not-so-attractive Marla Hooch in the newsreel. First they show all the pretty girls in closeups. Then Marla is shown across the diamond in position at 2nd base, while the announcer says, "And there's Marla Hooch . . . what a hitter!" It makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Well, this is my "sewing" version of that scene from the movie. These are the burp cloths that I embellished.

In this picture they don't look too bad. And that's as close as I'll get. Any closer, and it's, well . . . ugly.

I did continue to practice and I did get a little better with the sewing machine. But let's just say that any grand ideas I had of sewing much more than fabric onto burp cloths have been flushed down the toilet.


The Giffen Family said...

They look great - nice work. I have abandoned my Singer, I'm not sure our relationship is worth working on - but I'd like to get back with "him" at some point :)

ann said...

Do you still have these? I'll buy them from you. Email me.