August 16, 2009

Bang, bang, bang

On Thursday, I hit Jack in the head with a hammer.

Accidentally, of course.

I was putting together a book shelf for his room and had asked him no less than 10 times to please stand back so that he wouldn't get hurt. And sure enough, as I swung the hammer back, he climbed under my arm and caught it right in the eye. He screamed. I felt horrible. Watching your child get hurts is awful. Knowing that you were responsible is even worse.

Luckily, the claw of the hammer caught him above the eye and just below, but missed his actual eye altogether. I cringe at the thought of how much worse it could have been.

That night, I was laying in bed with him and I said, "I'm so sorry that I accidentally hit you tonight." In response, he took his fist and pretended to pound where the fresh wound was and said, "Yeah, mommy go, 'bang! bang! bang' with the hammer!" Um, nope, not quite how it happened.

The next evening, we stopped by a birthday gathering for Kyle's Grandpa. Kyle and Jack were there a few minutes before I was and I guess he had already told everyone that Mama went, "Bang, bang, bang" on his head. Just lovely.

Fortunately, it looks 1,000 times better than it seemed on Thursday night.

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Anonymous said...

I know you felt bad, but his response is so funny...making the whole event sound so dramatic!