September 16, 2009

Christmas keepsake

When I hit 1000 sales last year, Crystal sent me a fun congratulatory package with several things, including the only homemade treats to grace our kitchen over the holidays. She also sent this awesome Christmas ornament that I had planned to buy anyway! I LOVE it.

I just noticed that she has them back up in her shop! If you have a tradition of getting your kid(s) a new ornament each year, I'd strongly recommend you consider doing one of these this year. It has the homemade look and feel, but the quality of a keepsake ornament! If you head over there and can't find them, she'll probably get more up. Or contact her for a custom one!

And I'm posting this without asking her first and my fingers are crossed that she wasn't thinking, "I'll just post two this year and then not make anymore." :)

1 comment:

Crystal said...

you are sweet. this totally made my night! :)