September 26, 2009

Why boys are awesome

Today's post is by Crystal from Little Bit Funky. She's mom to Moses and Aaron. After two weeks of my etsy shop being open with no sales, I sold my first card EVER to her and have been following her blog ever since. She has her own etsy shop, filled with all kinds of fun things. If you haven't already purchased 2009 holiday ornaments for your kids, read my review here.


Ever since Sara asked me to be a guest poster while she was tending to her new little bundle of blue...I have found myself thinking and pondering and wondering about why having two boys is just so awesome.

A big thing for me is that they aren't girls. Not that there is a thing wrong with little girls. But.

I will never have to deal with Barbies or pink frills or dolls that wet and close their eyes.

I won't have to deal with short skirts or tight shirts.

I won't have to scrutinize each boy in the neighborhood and give them the third degree about their intentions.

And that all suits me just fine.

Even bigger for me is the marshmallow.

Each boy in the world has it.

It's that mushy sweet center that the rock of every man is built around.

Not many get to see it. But the mama's always do. If you raise them just right they grow to know that it is possible to show it and share it and still be seen as men.

To be kind and gentle and sweet and stand their ground at the same time.

To be considerate and thoughtful and good to the people you love...and still able to score the winning points of the game.

I have seen my son face plant into gravel, get up to shake it off one minute and the next minute he is sweetly saying hi to a bug.

I have seen him practically roll around in the dirt and mud and muck then turn around and pick me a flower with a one inch stem.

I hope this kind of trend continues. I hope that he will always be comfortable enough to be a tough guy one moment...and not afraid to show his tenderness the next.

I hope that as a mother of a son that I will continue to grow to learn how to nurture this sort of a world that is increasingly tougher.

Bigger still is the thought that with God's grace and help we are raising two boys that will grow up to be just like their father. That two women in this world will be blessed to know them and love them...that like me, will be amazed at the gentlemen that they are...that they can seem tough but have that sweet marshmallow just below the surface and not be afraid to share it with them.


Melanie Eccles said...

I loved this post.
Great insights.
Makes me totally excited to have little boys one day (instead of worrying about a "world" with which I am completely unfamiliar.)



Xander said...

Thank you Crystal! And thank you Sara! Just loved this post.

Sarah said...

Yay for boys!!!! :)