April 4, 2009

To Ohio and back

Kyle is in Detroit all day for the games, so I decided to join my parents and take Jack to visit my grandma in Ohio. My parents didn't tell my grandma that we were coming and she seemed really excited to see us! And by "us" I mean "Jack."

He was so well behaved today! Nap time was a little rough, but he eventually fell asleep. There were no time outs and very few warnings. Of course, he usually do well when he has 4 - 5 people paying him all kinds of attention. Especially when all of those people think he's the most amazing little boy ever. He was cracking all of us up with some of the things he said. Unfortunately, I'm too tired right now to remember any of them.

Jack definitely looks like more like Kyle than he does me, but when I'm with my family (specifically, with my grandma) I'm reminded of how much I look like her, and how much Jack's smile resembles hers. We don't get down there as much as I wish we did, so I'm glad it worked out for us to go today. My other three grandparents have all passed away, which makes me value time with my grandma even more.

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