April 17, 2009

Book lover

We spend a fortune on books. Jack loves to read and we read the same books OVER AND OVER until we're all sick of them. So, I made plans to take him to the library today. I went to work way early, so that I could get everything done and be home on time to take him out. I told Jack we were going on an adventure, which of course made him even more excited.

I made the mistake of running errands first, so he was hungry and tired by the time we headed to the library. We stopped for lunch at Panera, where he ignored his $3.69 peanut butter and jelly sandwich and ate half of my turkey artichoke sandwich. Side note: He had peanut butter for the first time over the weekend and didn't have any allergic reaction.

I had to keep him talking during the entire drive from Panera to the library, so that he wouldn't fall asleep. He perked up when we got there, though. He said "What her name?" or "What his name?" about everyone we passed. And he hasn't quite mastered the art of whipsering . . .

It cost $50 for a library card because we live outside of the county. Our county doesn't have a library . . . I won't even start on all of the comments I could make about that. I think the money spent will be well worth it, though. We checked out 9 books today and can keep them for 3 weeks.

The library was small, but it had a great selection of books for kids his age. Jack likes to go to his bookshelf at home and knock every book off and he tried to do this at the library so we had a little chat about library behavior. He also spotted a shelf full of puzzles, but I quickly averted his attention. That could have been a catastrophe! There was a little table with coloring pages and crayons, which kept him entertained while I picked some books for us to read.

It was a lot of fun and I'm excited to be able to take more trips with him to the library!

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