April 29, 2009

Baby's first pictures

As you can imagine, Kyle and I were thrilled with Jodie told us we were having another boy. Jodie was our ultrasound tech . . . we will always remember the name of everyone we saw on the day of our ultrasound because Jack literally asked "What her name" about every person we saw at the hospital on Monday. On our way home he asked, "Where Molly go?" Molly's my OB!

Having seen the ultrasound images has made me more in love with this little guy and so excited to meet him . . . I can't believe I still have to wait 20 weeks (or 21 if he's late like his brother)!

He looks completely healthy and on schedule. He's a little less than a pound and most of his measurements fall right in line with my due date of September 16. He's a little bigger than average, but perfectly perfect! It was such a relief.

We do have a name picked out and, yes, just like with Jack, we're keeping it to ourselves until he's born. The name we've chosen is one that we actually talked about before we were even thinking about getting pregnant . . . not too long after Jack was born, actually. It isn't one we considered for Jack and I'll give you fair warning . . . even if you guess it correctly, I'll still tell you you're wrong! His middle name, however, is still up in the air.

Jodie didn't give us nearly as many photos as we received at Jack's ultrasound . . . the poor kid is already falling victim to the stereotypes of being a second child! Here are a couple of my favorites, though.

He was a little bashful and kept his hands over his face quite a bit:

If you look closely (click to enlarge), you'll see him sticking his cute little tongue out at us:

Here's the obligatory picture to prove it's a boy. With Jack's ultrasound, the first shot showed us everything we needed to see . . . we didn't need a professional to tell us that we were having a boy! This time around, she had to search a little.

We gave Jack his very own picture of his "Lil Brudder." I've already found it in the trash can once. Hmmm . . .


John said...

fan, and you had a great ultrasound tech, his middle name could be Joe D.

John said...

Since Kyle's a Pistons fan...

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Sarah said...

I love these pics :)