April 1, 2009

Jesus Loves Me

I don't sing Jesus Loves Me to him that often, but last night when I was putting him to bed he requested it. But instead of just asking for "Jesus Loves Me" he said, "Mama sing song. Jesus Loves Me, This I know, Bible tell me so." Wow. I didn't realize he knew that much of that song.

Today, I investigated to see how many of the words he actually knows and it turns out quite a few. So I give you Jack's (sort of) musical debut . . . with a little help from his mom.

Jesus Love Me from Sara on Vimeo.

Check back tomorrow for Jack singing "Great is thy Faithfulness."

Just kidding.


rachel said...

how adorable!! such a sweet little guy.

Minnie said...

It should be against the law to be that stinking cute.

Xander said...

your singing is not that bad.