March 31, 2009

Hiding and seeking

I played more games of Hide and Seek tonight than I can count. It's a fairly easy game to play when the hider hides in the SAME PLACE every time.

As a parent, I know that my 22 month old cannot understand the concept of hiding and remaining quiet so that he won't be found. Yet, I spent 15 minutes trying to explain it to him. Once I got past trying to play by the "rules," we had a lot of fun.

On what seemed like our 100th round of this game, I decided to video tape the whole thing. I tried to keep the video camera on him no matter which way I was looking, so it gets a little shaky in parts. You might not want to watch if you're prone motion sickness.

My favorite part was every time I found him when he would say, "Awesome! More again!"

Jack playing hide and go seek from Sara on Vimeo.


Kelli said...

adorable! his "awesome! more again!" melted my heart...

Sarah said...

Too cute! :) I love it! And I'm seconding that...I loved the "awesome! More again!" So cute :)