March 3, 2009

As heard ten minutes ago in our hotel room

Jack: Currle mime? Mommy?

Me: Yes, we can have cuddle time, but no talking.

Jack: Tigger and pooh. And pigget. Watch.

Me: No tv. And no talking, Jack.

Jack: Tats silly. Daddy silly. Gamma silly. Murphy silly. Good girl, Murphy. Good girl.

Me: Jack, it's time to be quiet. No talking.

Jack: four, one, two, eight, six

Me: exasperated noise

Jack: Jack, you killin' me.

Me: (through stifled laughter) No talking, Jack.

Jack: grabs my face and kisses me

Me: I love you, buddy.

Jack: No talk.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, this is funny! Is this from vacation, or are you gone again?

Kyle Luke said...

No, we're at a conference this week. I can't wait to be home!

Kristi said...

Hahaha. You have the funniest kid ever. How can you ever get mad at him? :)

Maria W. said...

I haven't heard back from anyone so I'm thinking next week it is:)

Erin K. said...

I love it! Isn't it great when they start expressing what's in those little heads? (Well, most of the time it's great.)

Sara Neufeld said...

That is awesome. I have had so many similar conversations in hotel rooms!