March 6, 2009

One more thing . . .

I've had lots of questions about our Disney trip and I hope that my previous post answered some of them. But when answering another question this morning, I realized there was one HUGE tip I forgot to add:


We saw so many crying kids and screaming parents at Disney World. We heard lectures being given on how much money was spent on tickets and on how ungrateful kids were. We heard spouses arguing about which ride the kids would enjoy the most. Moms yelled at kids for not walking fast enough to get in line. I even heard one mom say, "We would have been all the way up there in line if you had gone to the bathroom when I asked you the first time!" As we were trying to find our hotel room for the first time, there was one mom standing on a balcony screaming at her kids at the pool below . . . and using language that I was not excited for my ultra-repetitive toddler to be hearing.

I know you spend a LOT of money to take a vacation like this, but you really need to decide what you're paying for. Are you paying to do every last thing that the park has to offer? Or are you paying to have a fun as a family, or with friends? Leaving the park for naps might cost you a few rides, but if your kids are less cranky in the long run, it might be worth it. You need to decide what your ultimate goal is and direct all of your efforts toward that.

And don't yell at each other. After all, it is the happiest place on earth.


Erin K. said...

Amen! When we went on our honeymoon at DW, we determined that we weren't going to try and squeeze too much in. It seems like that is a common vacation trap, no matter where you go. Isn't the whole point to relax and have a good time? One thing I loved about staying at a Disney hotel was the easy convenience of going back to the room in the middle of the day if we wanted a break.

And, you've made me really want to go back. I loved our honeymoon there, and I can't wait to go back as a family!

John Strodtbeck said...

Your post brings so much back to my mind from when we took Ethan and age 2! Glad you guys had such a great time though -- and great to have you back! Can't wait for 'Little J' to be born!!!