March 18, 2009

Keeping it real

I have a dozen half-posts waiting to be published, but I can't put any of them out there for the world to read. First, I can't think in complete thoughts right now. Second, it's been an ultra-frustrating week and there are some things that I can't say online without being cryptic and vague. So they're better off not posted. Maybe it's just the pregnancy hormones talking. Or, maybe things have really been this frustrating. Or both.

Instead of telling you about all of the things and people that are driving me crazy and raising my blood pressure with their ignorance, selfishness and total lack of moral compass, I'll tell you what I'm thankful for this week.
  • I had a really good haircut yesterday. I've found a stylist in Jackson that I love, and it's so nice to not have to drive to Ann Arbor anymore. I mean, my hair still pretty much looks the same as always, but she does a nice job and doesn't leave my hair looking uneven (a common problem). And, it doesn't cost me a full day's paycheck to have it done.

  • I found a box of 96 crayons that are probably about 15 years old . . . I didn't even know I had them. It was like Jack's own little Christmas when I pulled them out on Monday.

  • Bethany couldn't babysit for Jack this week until Thursday, so I thought I'd have an fairly unproductive week. Fortunately, SAU had spring break so Jodi was able to fill in. Awesome. This alleviated a lot of would-have-been stress. She was here Tuesday and Wednesday and Bethany will be here Thursday and Friday. These girls have saved my week!

  • I've had some really sweet customers this week. Cute kids and really nice to work with. That always makes life enjoyable!

  • I bought some of those wire mesh shelves for Jack's toys in the basement. I feel like we have so much space back now that they're not spread everywhere.

  • I've been feeling little flutters that I'm almost positive is the little guy living inside of me. Not kicking . . . just shifting. It's a familiar, comforting feeling. Which I'll need to be reminded of in 20 weeks when he's using my internal organs as a punching bag.
Ok, I'm going to put Jack in bed and do something to readjust my attitude. I'll be back when I'm more cheerful.


Anonymous said...

yay for baby flutters!

and i'm about keepin' it real. bad weeks happen.

hope next week is better!

Anonymous said...

um, i'm meant i'm ALL about keepin' it real.

sorry for my lack of proofreading skills.


Jeanette said...

Little guy? Are you hooked on a feeling?

Also, where do you get your hair cut? I'm currently looking myself.

Additionally, sorry for the crap week. Wanna go to Old Navy in Brighton? They have a maternity dept. :)