April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

Jack participated in his first Easter egg hunt at camp on the day before Easter. There were 8400 eggs hidden and there was a section marked off for ages 0 - 4. I was shocked at how many parents were shoveling eggs into their kids' baskets! Sure, there was a chance to win a bike, but most of the kids were just going to go home with candy and trinkets. It was interesting.

But Jack and his cousin, Emma, had a good time. We were all there for the experience more than the reward! Don't let the sunshine fool you. It was FREEZING.

From there, we drove to my parents house and spent Saturday night and Easter Sunday with them. My parents got Jack a Mr. Potato head . . . the pieces of which are virtually impossible to keep contained. I think he's gone through every possible combination of eyes, ears, noses, mouths, etc. that are possible. He also had his first Easter egg dying experience with my parents on Saturday afternoon.

And he hunted for the eggs at my parents' house on Easter morning.

We gave him an Easter basket containing plastic eggs filled with goldfish crackers, a coloring book, bath crayons, a Memory game, a new cup, and some books. And we filled the basket with "grass" made out of shredded catalogs, like we did last year.

He wore his first neck tie on Easter, and looked great, if I do say so myself. I wish we would have snapped a family picture at some point. He was very proud of the fact he was wearing a neck tie and continued to ask for it even after we took it off.

Jack with my cousin, Gianna:

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Unknown said...

Oh how I wished I had known...we left an Easter Egg hunt at Cascades cause it was such a disaster!