April 16, 2009

Planning for Easter 2010?

Now is the time to get your Easter baskets (if you don't already have them).

I bought the Pottery Barn Kids baseball Easter basket liner off of ebay this year. They were completely sold out so early on PBK's website, but the first one I found on ebay had "Jack" embroidered on it. How perfect is that?! I would have preferred "Jackson" but I wasn't going to be picky when I could get it for the price that I did! Side note: When I was pregnant with Jack, I had a saved search called "Pottery Barn Kids Jackson" so that I was alerted anytime someone listed something from PBK with "Jackson" on it. I scored some really nice (and really cheap) personalized stuff. Just a thought.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find one of the PBK baskets for a price that fit within my budget. It was just a little more than I wanted to spend. So, I found one at Target that would be ok for this year. It was super shallow and flimsy and I was a little disappointed so on Monday, I got on the site and found that baskets had been marked down to $13.99! That's only $1 more than I spent on my cheapo Target one. Most of the liners are sold out, but you could check ebay for one of those. I think, with shipping, I spent about $30 total for the basket and the liner. And I'm ok with that because I plan on this being "the basket" he has for the remainder of his Easter-basket-receiving years.

The basket just arrived today. Side note: A big thanks to the UPS man, Jehovah's Witnesses and Census Bureau employees for ringing the doorbell, thus making Jack's nap much more difficult this afternoon. Seriously, this is a really nice basket. It's beautiful and it will last his lifetime. Oh, and we bought the "small" basket. Which is bigger than the basket he had last year. Plenty of room for Easter goodies. I think the big basket might have been a little too much (for us, at least).

I'm hoping they'll still have some in a few weeks when we find out if #2 is a boy or a girl.

Photo courtesy of the Pottery Barn Kids website.

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Xander said...

Alex wore the same sweater for easter. Except, he just had a boring white turtleneck under it.