April 6, 2009

It is well

I haven't had the best morning. I feel emotionally and physically drained (I think totally due to pregnancy) and Jack has been a bit of a handful. And that's an understatement. On days like today, I wonder what we've done to have created this little monster.

When I went to put him down for a nap a few minute ago, he went through his usual litany of "potty! drink! sing song!" So, I opted for the song because it required the least effort.

One of my favorites to sing to him is the hymn "It is Well" but I was anxious to get him down, so I skipped to the third verse (because it's my favorite). He's probably heard this song and Amazing Grace more often than any other song.

My sin, o the bliss of this glorious thought
My sin, not in part but the whole
Was nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more
praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!

As I was singing "nailed to the cross" Jack rolls over and starts singing (and when I say "singing" I mean more of a cross between a shout and a chant) "Paise da Lord, O my soul." Which, of course, invoked my laugh/cry, which was . . . well, let's just say there was snot.

What a blessing. It was what I needed today. An affirmation that the grace of God will cover my parenting deficiencies. And that once naptime is over, I get a fresh start.

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Smith Family Blog said...

Oh Sara, if only you knew the number of times I've read your blog and thought, "Wow, look at all that Sara is doing. I need to be a better Mommy." Be encouraged, I am sure that God is pleased with your parenting! And Jack's precious singing is confirmation that you are doing something well! :)