April 19, 2009


When walking uphill with your child in a stroller and your dog on a leash, it's important to be sure to turn on the stroller brake before chasing your dog when she gets loose . . . lest your leisurely walk turn into a frantic run.

Not even kidding.


Joy said...

I'm laughing so hard right now. I can just picture it!

Kyle Luke said...

Yeah, it's funny now. At the time it was traumatic. I turned around and was like, "Um, where's the stroller." Jack had no idea that anything was happening. I just keep thinking about what would have happened if a car was coming. Ugh.

Sarah said...

OMG! LOL! :) (Don't you love my texting words?!...just seemed appropriate for what was actually going through my head as I was reading this! I am SO not a texting abbreviator person)