June 2, 2009

Take a deep breath . . .

By now, everyone's heard about the GM bankruptcy and the issues that accompany that whole mess. The ramifications for the area in which we live are tremendous . . . for lack of a more accurate word to describe it. We know too many employees (and retirees) who are at risk of losing jobs (and pensions). And the number businesses and suppliers that are also being forced into bankruptcy because of money lost from bad GM debts is unreal. With the number of those employees and retirees living in our state, the expected trickle down effect in this area is phenomenal. Overwhelming, actually.

I had a post that I started last week about this tragedy for our area . . . is that too melodramatic? To call it a tragedy? It feels like it's appropriate. But today, Phil had a post that I really appreciated. So, I deleted what I wrote and I'll just point you over that way.

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Jen said...

Thanks for the post and the link Sara. And while it applies to my family pretty directly, I think just about everyone could use the encouragement, no matter what they're going through.