June 27, 2009

Getting away . . .

We headed out on vacation today. Well, it's more of a reunion tour than a vacation.

Our first stop is Greenville, IL. We'll actually be there by the time this posts. Sarah's baby shower is Saturday and we're staying with she and Kevin until Sunday. I'd link to Sarah's blog, but it's private. Boo. It's supposed to be 100+ degrees there over the weekend. Two pregnant women + 100 degree heat = tons of fun . . . indoors. She's due with her baby boy next month and I'm so excited to see her and everyone else who will be there!

From there, we're headed to St. Louis for two nights at a hotel downtown. Jack is most excited about the pool at our hotel. We'll have some family time, but we're going to see more friends during the time we're in St. Louis and I'm so excited about this, too! Seriously, I'm smiling just typing this . . .

After St. Louis, we're headed to Springfield, IL for stop 3 of the reunion tour to see Heather and Ben.

From there, we head to Chicago for two nights with my sister. Maybe a little Taste of Chicago. Or maybe only things in air conditioned buildings . . . we'll see.

After Chicago, we head home to recover for a few days before the next camp starts on the 6th. I'm looking forward to it and I'm praying that Jack does well in the car and that we get some good quality time with him.

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