June 28, 2009

Loving every minute

I'm thankful for . . .

. . . a stress-free, problem-free drive down to Greenville on Friday. It literally seemed like we had been in the car for 2 or 3 hours when we got there.

. . . a few schedule changes on Friday that at first made it seem as if our vacation was being cut short, but actually made leaving more relaxed and enjoyable.

. . . friends with whom I can pick up where we left off even if we haven't seen each other in two years.

. . . a lovely baby boy coming in late July who made this trip and our reunion actually happen.

. . . a husband who likes my friends and their spouses and gets along well with them.

. . . the 110 degree heat index that made the air conditioning feel so lovely.

. . . the photo shoot in said heat that produced fantastic photos, even though everyone involved was dripping with sweat!

. . . a son who likes my friends and their children and enjoys playing with them. He's been so well behaved and has had such a good time.

. . . really meaningful quality time as a family.

. . . lunch today at Lotawata Creek. It had been too long. We did bypass Bobby's though, which was disappointing. Maybe we'll have to head to Ted Drewe's sometime to make up for it.

. . . 4 years on a campus, that still overwhelms me with good memories and sentiment every time I visit. I know that not all of my memories are good, but I can't seem to remember any of them when I'm here visiting.

. . . that I still have 4 1/2 days of friends and fun left!

I'll give details and share photos when I get home, but I'm feeling so grateful for this time away that we get!


Jason said...

Way to go, Sara. Love the list. Keep it up. Glad your trip is going well. And you're right. Your husband is pretty amazing.

Erin K. said...

I'm jealous. Say hi to Greenville and STL for me. :)

Sarah said...

I'll just say "diddo" :) And can't wait to see YOUR pics! :)