June 13, 2009

Sleepy time

There is no noise coming through the monitor, which might mean that Jack is finally asleep! It's his first naptime in his new room on his "new" bed. We've been pushed to our limit with crib climbing and 2 1/2 hour bedtime routines this week. I was feeling the effects emotionally and physically and we knew something had to change, especially since I'll be doing most bedtimes on my own for the next month or two.

Last night, we moved everything out of his new room and brought up the twin size mattress from the bed that my parents gave us. The mattress and a dresser with the drawers facing the wall are the only things in there so there's nothing for him to play with or be distracted by. It still took him 45 minutes to quiet down from yelling things like, "Mama, I have tears! Come get my tears!" Next thing you know, he'll be yelling things like, "DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE?!"

Last night as we were pulling our hair out trying to get him to bed, we explained to him that it would be his last night int he crib and that he would sleep in a big boy bed the next night. I was oddly unaffected by the whole thing. I've been crying over everything lately, but the stress of bedtime made me largely un-sentimental about the whole transition.

Until . . .

Last night he woke up crying at about 2 AM. I rarely get up when he cries because it takes me forever to get back to sleep. But I was dreaming about Jack at the time, so I popped up and headed to his room. All he needed was a hug (nothing he was saying was making any sense . . . I think he had a bad dream) and he laid right back down. I sat there for a minute just to be sure he was ok and the sentiment just overwhelmed me. This was the LAST TIME my baby would be sleeping in a crib. I sat there and just took it all in for a while before heading back to our bed (where I proceeded to lay awake for the rest of the night).

Totally unaware of his surroundings on his first night home:

Showing a little baby cleavage at 5 months:

Causing trouble at ten months:

Jumping at 13 months:

Ready for bed at 14 months:

I guess it's time to get it ready for our next little guy . . .


Sarah said...

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon setting up our baby room. I moved furniture, organized clothes, moved Kevin's clothes & shoes OUT and into their new places, put away all of the gifts, etc., etc., and now I'm just waiting on the glider & dresser/changing table to arrive. As I was standing in the doorway just taking the whole thing in, I got very choked up...thinking about what is about to take place in that room....a LIFE. So I feel your sentiment in the transition that is about to take place in YOUR baby room :) It's exciting!

Melissa Hoffman said...

I think I just got a little tear too!