June 9, 2009

We honestly don't know . . .

. . . where our two year old learned this stuff.

But it sure is cute.
  • Last night, when he was standing at the gate we've put at his bedroom door (we can't keep him in his crib, but we can keep him in his bedroom) he yelled, "Come on boys, help me out of here!" I wonder what "boys" he was referring to.

  • When I was getting him out of the car yesterday, Jack said, "Yay! You shirt covers you belly, Mama!" For those of you who don't know me . . . I don't wear shirts that bear my midriff ever. Much less, when I'm pregnant.

  • Speaking of my belly, last night at dinner, I got pizza on my belly and didn't notice. Kyle pointed it out to me and Jack said, "Baby brother can eat it!"

  • Tonight, we were leaving Jack's room at bedtime and he said, "I love you guys. Adios." Cute, right? He then climbed out of his crib 55 times. Not so cute.
As frustrating as his current stage is . . . especially at this time of year . . . I really do love this kid more than I can explain.


alex said...

seriously, where do kids pick up this stuff?! Just the other day Becky tried to add a joke to something Evan said and he stops for a moment and totally deadpans, "whatever".

Anonymous said...

i love the "you" instead of "your" stage...so cute.

but yes, climbing out of the crib 55 times is very not funny.

ann said...

Wow. How awesome.