June 15, 2009

From the archives

Back when we were young . . . long, long ago . . . Kyle and I took a trip with a group of friends to St. Louis. While we were there, we visited the Spaghetti Factory. We had to wait about 2 hours for a table that could fit all of us, so we definitely had to come up with a few games to keep us entertained.

I remember that we had a scavenger hunt which included random things that we had to ask for (nothing could be taken without permission) and resulted in an ash tray which sat on my desk at camp for years. I don't smoke, but it did make for interesting conversation . . . that's for sure.

Anyway, another game was to get people to get people to make the shape of the arch with their arms without directly asking them to . . . which seems kind of dumb, but we were amused. Our friend, Ben (who is in the top 5 funniest people I know), did all of the asking and we did all of the standing back and laughing. He kept asking people for directions (which was funny, given the fact that you could see it from where we were standing) and asking how he'd know it when he saw it.

I had NO IDEA that I had taken pictures of him doing this and I was stunned when I found them on my camp computer today. Yes, we were lame, but looking at these pictures brings back fond memories . . . and they still make me laugh a little bit.

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