June 26, 2009

Small conversations, big blessings

We made a last minute trip to Target today to pick some things up for our trip (more on that later). I was half-listening to the broadcast from Crown Financial. I don't usually listen to talk radio, but my mind was wondering and I just didn't change the station.

Anyway, on the broadcast, they were talking about how God uses our money. They kept talking about God doing things with our money.

Jack had been pretty quiet and he asked, "What God do with money?"

I responded by saying, "Everything we have comes from God and belongs to him . . . we're just stewards of what he's given us." And then I realized that he has no idea what the word "steward" means.

So I told him that our money comes from God and our food comes from God and our house comes from God. Over the next minute or so, we named all kinds of things and talked about how they come from God . . . our clothes, our cars, etc.

I was so blessed by this conversation. When we stopped talking for a minute, I was a little teary and just thanked God for using my two-year-old to remind me of an important lesson that I needed to remember today. Everything we have comes from God and every success we gain is by his strength, not ours.

Jack had been quiet for a minute and then said, "God buy me popcorn combo at Target?"

I just laughed. I should have told him to start praying about it.

He giggled too when he realized he said something funny and said, "Mama love going Target with me?"

Yes. Yes, I do.


Erin K. said...

That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

he sounds like such a smart little guy...i love how his little brain works (like "will God buy me popcorn?").

Heather S. said...

I seriously can't wait to meet Jack!! He is a doll!!

Bekah said...

Oh Jack...how I miss seeing him every day at camp! Love hearing all the funny things he says :)