June 14, 2009

27 weeks? I honestly don't know.

For all of you who had flattering things to say about my picture from a couple of weeks ago . . . feast your eyes on my 24/25 week picture (please remember, I was on a camping trip and I hadn't had a shower in three days):

I guess in my defense, the shirt I'm wearing is not a maternity shirt, which I think makes me look bigger. But still . . . here's what I looked like at 25 weeks with Jack.

And here was my attempt to get a picture today . . . however far along I am (26/27 weeks?):

The lady in the post office asked when I was due. When I told her September, she gave me the standard, "Woah! Are you having twins?!" I feel huge but don't think I look big enough to be having multiples. I love it when people say that. Almost as much as I love it when they ask if I know what I'm having and they give me a sympathetic look when I tell them I'm having another boy. People are awesome.

I've said quite a bit that this baby doesn't move nearly as much as Jack did, but Wednesday night and Thursday proved that wrong! He was going crazy. Watching my belly move has, again, become one of my favorite things to do. And yes, I do make other people stop and watch, too.

He's definitely filling out the little space that he has more because I'm feeling him push himself into all kinds of fun places in my abdomen. While the movement is painful and annoying sometimes, I wouldn't trade for anything. I feel like I'm bonding with this little guy more and more every day, and though I have a lot to do before September, I honestly can't wait until he's here!


Arwen said...

I get people asking me the same thing because apparently I am showing too much for being 21/22 weeks along. Atleast we look pregnant now and aren't in the questionable inbetween stage :)

Sara Neufeld said...

I will never understand why people ask a pregnant lady if she's having twins...especially other women!!!!! I got asked that so many times! I wanted to say, NO, but thanks for telling me that I look like a house.

Also, how irritating that people give you a pity look for having another boy! Are boys less valuable than girls??? Being a momma to 3 boys has been my greatest delight. It is an honor to be a boy momma. Okay, jumping down off the soap box now.

By the way, to just make this comment longer than it already is, you look GREAT!! :)

Kelli said...

i feel your pain. people need filters! when people ask how much longer i have until my due date & i tell them 10 more weeks they always glance at my belly (as if i don't notice) & i know exactly what they are thinking.

you look great...oh and btw, you're my hero for going camping while pregnant. seriously.

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, people are awesome.

i promise you, the "sympathetic look" won't end when you actually have baby boy #2.

Sarah said...

Uh yeah, I got the "twins?" comment somewhere between 20-28 weeks I think....I can't remember exactly, but it ticked me off. Seriously people! Pregnant women ARE SUPPOSED TO GROW!!!!!

I love their little movements! It does have quite a way of bonding you and making you fall in love with these little people. Yeah, this little guy has found a "favorite spot" up in my right rib cage. It's really great! (ha!), BUT...for as uncomfortable as it is and how often I have to PUSH him back down, I'm STILL thrilled that that means he's growing and moving. I get so distracted during church when he's moving....I just sit there and stare at him (sometimes giggling) and totally forget about listening to the sermon sometimes. Oops! And then I jab Kevin to make him look too....I'm sure the people sitting behind us don't think I'm being very reverent! :)

Emily said...

Yeah, my favorite was after telling them how far along I was, they'd say "Wow, you are huge." I wasn't really...I mean, I've seen much larger pregnant women, but whatever. I just know I will never NEVER (not that I would anyway) comment on the size of a pregnant woman.

I can not believe you are already 27 weeks. Wow.

Messy and Wonderful said...

What a beautiful pregnant belly.

Also, I echo Sara's comments. Should we just keep trying, pushing all the others to the side until we "win the prize" of having a girl???

I have had to bite my tounge more times than I can count. Now I try to come up with as ridiculous an answer as I can think of.

It brings it to their attention how absurd and rude they sound.

Sorry, my soapbox needs to be put away now. Brothers are awesome! Congratulations.

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm Nicole Diehl's MIL. I think when people ask when you're due, you should answer, "right around Thanksgiving" and then watch their astonishment. :)