June 26, 2009

Catching up . . .

Ok, where to begin.

The first two weeks of camp have been swell. Sweltering. Hot. Actually, last week wasn't too bad, but this week has been insane. We definitely had a girl pass out in line for breakfast this morning. Yikes! Don't worry . . . she's doing fine.

Baby boy #2 is kicking like he looking for a way out. He kept me up a lot last night because of how much he's moving. At my check-up this week, the doctor called him "fiesty." I took that as a compliment on his behalf. Speaking of my check-up, I gained as much weight in the last four weeks as I did in my first 24 weeks of pregnancy combined. Which is just fantastic. So I'm feeling a little, um, heavy right now.

Jack's bedtime routine is getting, well, better. Not great, but we've seen progress. And I'm sure that leaving for a week is going to throw it all off. Oh, well. We checked on him the other night and found him sleeping like this:

WHat a funny kid.

He's saying all kinds of funny things and I just can't keep track of them all. He refers to us as "you guys" most of the time. Yesterday, he looked at the doctor and said, "You have stefescope like me!" The doctor kind of laughed and said, "Yes, I do." Jack then proceeded to tell the doctor all about the rash on his bottom. I probably could have just dropped him off and picked him up when his appointment was over.

Potty training was going well . . . until camp started. He LOVED potty time and would sit on the potty at bathtime every night and sometimes even let us know when he had to go during the day. That all ended a few weeks ago.

We let him try on some underwear a few weeks ago as an incentive, and he's NEVER had an accident, but as soon as he has to go he says, "diaper, please" and throws a fit if we mention the toilet. Even when he takes his diaper off and falls asleep at naptime, he wakes himself up if he has to go and asks for a diaper. I just wish we could get him to sit on the potty again, like he used to.

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Erin K. said...

I had lunch this week with two friends, and each one has a three-year-old boy. It was interesting to note our different experiences with potty training, and to note the boy/girl difference.

With both of their boys, they had the basics down but, like Jack, refused to go. One of the boys finally decided one day that he was done with diapers/pull ups, and from that point on he's been officially potty trained. The other boy is still wearing diapers, and oddly enough, he'll go out of his way to NOT go in the diaper. (He, um, arranges himself so he's aiming out of the diaper, which of course creates quite a mess and is absolutely maddening to his poor mother.)

Anyway, I don't think you're alone. It sounds like a lot of boys (or maybe just kids in general?) wake up one day and decide that they're ready, and they simply won't budge a moment before that. Not that it makes you feel any better at the moment, but be encouraged that one day it will happen. ;-)

Have a great vacation!