January 5, 2009


So, I called the RE clinic today. We had an appointment with them in November to discuss hormone issues and the likelihood of me being able to conceive again. We hadn't started anything . . . meaning no injections, no meds, no doctors. So, needless to say, they were just as surprised as we were.

Seriously, how is this possible?

I had blood drawn and the nurse called this evening and said my hcg level was at 47.


I happen to know that at 4 1/2 weeks with Jack, my level was 211. I personally think I'm about 4 - 5. It's so crazy that we really have no way of telling. With Jack, everything was so meticulously planned out, that we knew almost down to the hour when he was conceived. For me, this is uncharted territory.

Anyway, my seemingly low hcg level made me really worried, but the nurse didn't seem bothered by it. She does want me to have it checked again on Wednesday. That's 48 LONG hours.

Double ugh.

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