January 8, 2009

Then and now

Kyle and Jack went "sledding" today. Which is what we call it when Kyle pulls Jack around our flat back yard in the sled. Jack's new boots came in the mail this week. We wished that we had ordered them in time to have them when we had the 15+ inches of snow! But we got a few inches this week so we wanted to test them out.

I pulled up his sledding pictures from last year and was so amazed at how much he's grown. He's in the same sled in both photos. Now that I'm looking closely, he's also wearing the same hat in both photos, too.

7 months:

19 months:

The boots held up very well, and were very easy for Jack to walk in . . . just in case you were wondering.


Amber D. said...

We have that sled too! Love it! Good job on the name with Tara and Dan!

Crystal said...

CUTE! Doesn't it just sting a little at HOW fast they grow up!!! :)

Heather S. said...

So cute!!!

Bruce and Lynn Jarrett said...

He looks like he is ready for the archery range hill at SBC. We enjoy growing up with Jack on our travels. Bless ya'll!