January 20, 2009


I'm watching Emma this afternoon. No big deal. I've done it before. She and Jack play pretty well together (though, they're both learning to share so that makes it interesting).

When it was time for Jack to take a nap, Emma was looking a bit tired, too. So, I decided I'd put Emma down, and then Jack. Emma went down and had been quiet for about 5 minutes before I started with Jack. Jack did not go down so quietly and screamed as I was getting him ready.

Which, of course, woke Emma up.

Which, of course, made Jack cry even harder.

I sat there in the hallway between Jack's room and the guest room thinking, "How am I ever going to handle two children?"

I know I'll be able to handle it, but how much will have to change? Will I need to quit my job? Will we need to take them to a day care center? We have a perfect arrangement right now, but will that work with two children?

Deep breath.

At some point I would have thought this all through. At some point, we would have sat down and figured this all out. I just thought we'd have it figured out BEFORE we got pregnant.

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