January 13, 2009

Wicked awesome

I'm headed to see Wicked tomorrow, and I could be more thrilled. My sister works for CPS and takes her class to see it every year, but the final performance is January 25, so this will be the last time.

I love going with her for several reasons. First of all, this trip is built up to be a very big deal to her students. They study the musical, take quizzes on it and know all of the songs long before they go. They also fundraise all of the money for tickets. They appreciate this trip so much and their enthusiasm is contagious. Second, being a CPS school gets them a great discount, thereby getting me in at the same discount.

My only fear is that the blizzard warning we're under will prevent me from traveling tomorrow morning.

In other news, we had a shower for Jeanette over the weekend which was a lot of fun. I took pictures of two of the centerpieces, but my picture-taking ended there. I was so busy keeping everything going, I didn't even get a picture of Jeanette!

The theme (albeit, loosely) was "children's books" and I opened by reading everyone "Hooray for You." From there, we ate pizza (one of Jeanette's favorite foods . . . or at least is was when we were planning the shower), designed custom burp cloths and played a game called "Who's Your Daddy." I'm not a fan of shower games, but Joy and I created this game and it was too funny. You kind of had to see it to think so, though.

She received some beautiful gifts and I think everyone had a good time. I started to get a little worried that we wouldn't have many people there because of the snow. While some weren't able to attend, I think we still had around 20 or so.


Phil said...

Emily and I went last year...well December '07 technically...and LOVED it! Not that there's much surprise, but I'm SURE you'll love it too! It's AWESOME!


Jeanette said...

Thanks for an amazing shower...one of the highlights of the pregnancy!
Have fun at Wicked!

Melanie Eccles said...

So, Sara, question. I will be planning an April/May bridal shower for a college friend and I was wondering if you might have any ideas or tips that would make it more than just somewhat-retarded game time. :) I want it to be classy and fun for everyone and I do have some nice prizes already, but seeing how many showers you've helped with I thought you could give some pointers (even on the best types of food, themes, etc.)

Sarah said...

Super jealous of you going to see Wicked. LOVE it. Hope you have/had fun! :)

Jes said...

What an awesome theme!! I love it! It sounds much better than most of the showers I've been to!

Melissa Hoffman said...

that was one of my very best memories sara when we went to wicked and stayed with you sister in Chi-town. Have a blast! Is that the last show they are playing in chicago?