January 27, 2009

In ten minutes or less . . .

::: Something with the template for my blog makes bullet points impossible. This drives me crazy.

::: We've charted our course for our trip to Florida and I'm SO excited. We'll be staying in Knoxville, TN on the way down and in Lynchburg, VA (to visit my brother in college) on the way back. I'm not crazy about the windy mountain roads on our route home, but at least will be scenic. I'm just hoping for no major fog or snow.

::: Jack can now identify (at least) four letters of the alphabet. This came as a shock to us over the last week as he started pointing these out on our shirts, water bottles, etc. We couldn't figure out who had been teaching him this . . . certainly not us. And then we realized, it's this toy:

My aunt got him this magnetic letter set for Christmas. Jack pulls our step stool up to the refrigerator and plays with it multiple times daily. When you put a letter in the base and push it it sings a little song like this:
"D says duh,
D says duh,
Every letter makes a sound
D says duh."
It also has a button that plays the whole alphabet song. It's amazing how quickly he's picking up the sounds that the letters make as well. The best part? They don't scratch the refrigerator and when it comes to magnetic letters, that's hard to find. This toy comes with my highest recommendation.

We also have these refrigerator letters, which he played with quite a bit until he received this gift. They won't scratch the fridge either.

::: I officially am the sole shareholder of "Less Ordinary Designs, Inc." Setting up an s-corp will hopefully spare me a little more tax-wise in 2009.

::: I love new etsy shops. I think this one could grow quickly. I'm waiting for them to post some of the pears that they had on their blog last fall . . . I love the little beads on those!


Smith Family Blog said...

That's an awesome phonics toy! Moses loves it, too. If you get other leapfrog toys (or DVDs), they play the same song. Moses is now applying it to other things (like "Dog says "ruff"...) :)

I HIGHLY recommend the leapfrog leappad. The leappad itself is still available at ToysRUs (19.99, I think). But the books are pretty much only available over ebay (from 5-15 dollars). Unfortunately, leapfrog has switched over to a new system. But Moses LOVES the old one, and there are a plethora of books on ebay (I have a couple NIP duplicates that I plan to list-- I think Bob the Builder and Pooh).

Amber D. said...

We LOVE the fridge magnets. I completely agree on how fast the kids pick up the letter names and sounds from this! It is awesome. I insist all of my friends have it in their house.

victoria said...

you're a doll to link to our shop!! much appreciated. and noted about the pears. i will get some up there.

Kristi said...

Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!! Hope you..er..I mean Jack is excited about seeing Mickey ;)

The Schachts said...

Who makes the toy? Where can I get one? I'd love to know so I could get Rowan one for when the time comes. I recognize the song from a Baby Einstein DVD that my friend's little girl watches. She loves it!

thesemanchiks said...

I love your birth announcement designs on Etsy!!! I thought I would contact you through your blog first, in hopes that I could contact you on the phone to chat about more specifics in ordering etc. Is that possible? Please let me know...i think you can respond to this comment?
Thanks! Brooke

Kyle Luke said...

Hi Brooke,

I can't respond to the comment, but you can e-mail me at sarawiety@hotmail.com. Because of my limited number of phone minutes, I try not to conduct business over the phone. Could you e-mail me and let me know what it is you're looking for?