January 21, 2009

A much needed vacation . . .

I just got an e-mail in my inbox. It's from Walt Disney World confirming our reservations. I'm so excited.

Last week we made a quick decision that once our youth camps are over next month, we're taking two weeks off and heading down south. Kyle's grandparents live in Palm Coast and we're going to stay with them for a bit. We only see them during the summer, so it'll be good to catch up and relax with them! In the middle of our time with them, we're headed to Orlando for two nights and two days of Magical fun at Disney World. Our friend (and former staffer), Kristi works there and seriously hooked us up. Once we're there, our plan is to talk her into never leaving Disney.

So . . . good times with family, Disney World, and WARM WEATHER (or at least, warmER weather)! What's not to be excited about?

Um, maybe the 36 total hours in a car with a 20 month old. I'm trying not to focus too much on how stressed out I am by the thought of having the back of my seat kicked for 18 hours straight. I think it'll be worth it. But I am open to any tips for traveling that far with a child this age.


britta said...


You don't know me. I go to school with a couple of your summer staff members and that's how I found your blog. Anyway, my mom had 5 kids and we traveled a LOT when I was younger.

She said to make sure you have plenty of juice and diapers (permitting Jack is not yet potty trained). Also, keep some Tylenol (or whatever you use) on hand for the pressure changes through the mountains. She said you can probably use a search engine and look up other useful tips for traveling with toddlers..

Hope this helps!


Crystal said...

portable DVD player...sit in the back with him...new toys and books...new snacks and such. don't do juice unless he already gets that... we are toddler travel pros..let me know if I can help.

The Giffen Family said...

First of all, I am thoroughly jealous!! Can I go too? :). Secondly, we swear by our travel DVD player. I know tv with younger than a 2yr old is frowned upon by most parenting circles but a lil' entertainment goes a long way. My vote is always fun snacks (new or special) and a surprise bag of toys, books, games.

Anonymous said...

my advice.


Kyle Luke said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am accepting donations . . .


Anonymous said...

lots of snacks, toys and frequent stops (just for a quick change of scenery if nothing else)...and if Jack likes movies, borrow (or maybe you have one already) a portable DVD player that straps onto the back of the seat in your car.(We have one if you need to borrow it). Toys that he has never seen before are a great idea! And don't forget whatever Jack's comfort items are.

We drove to Florida when Savannah was 26 months. She did great. Except for very last part of the trip home, she cried for like a half hour!

I'm jealous!
Hope you have a Wonderful time!

Debbie Luke said...

Your trip sounds awesome. I have never been to Disney World, therefore I am now jealous of Jack!

Thanks for the comment on my page.

Oh and any help making my header not so huge? or my page not so dull. haha.